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C3 Data Audit Advice - What time is it?



Auditors are writing NCRs for the SAT when the time and date on the SAT documentation doesn't match the time on the chart recorder.


Here's a hypothetical example: 
Suppose your chart recorder is 10 minutes out of sync with what the actual time is.  Your technician performs a comparison SAT at 1000°F at 9:00am, but the clock on the chart recorder shows 8:50am.  When the auditor looks at the chart at 9:00, the temperature shows 1008°.  He write an NCR.
Leave aside the validity of this NCR.  The best way to avoid the hassle is to simply make sure that the time on your chart recorder is as close as possible to the time shown on your smart phone.
C3 Data's SAT app uses the time/date directly from the phone to ensure that you are as accurate as possible to the time, but if your recorder's time is out of sync with your phone, there'll be a difference and you'll be exposed to this potential finding.

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