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C3 Data updated to accommodate european requirements

With AMS2750 Rev G now being used throughout our industry we are fine-tuning our software to make it more accessible to users around the globe. One of the quirks in the specification arises in Table 8 of 3.3.1 of the spec.  This requires the ability for many of our European customers to enforce a different, more strict, tolerance in determining Pass/Fail for TUS run in Parts Classes 2 & 3 (±5ºC and ±7ºC, respectively).


With the check of a box on a furnace's setup screen, all TUS will now adhere to these pass/fail requirements!


This is now active in the C3 Data portal for immediate use.

If you're interested in saving time documenting the TUS and want smoother, less stressful Nadcap audits, come talk to us!