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Tracking Insertion Depth on SATs

Section of AMS2750 revision F says:

"During the reuse of non-expendable type E or K thermocouples when used above 500.0 °F or 260.0 °C, the depth of insertion shall be equal to or greater than any previous use."

How to ensure this happens? And how does one demonstrate objective evidence during an audit?  Here's how we do it.

With software this becomes easy.  The C3 Data platform knows which sensors require this to be tracked and do it for you.  Then your results are captured automatically on your auto-generated SAT report.

Meanwhile on your portal account, each sensor use is tracked so you never worry about using an expired sensor or using it at the wrong depth.

Insertion depth portal

Complying with the requirements of Nadcap can be tedious and at times, difficult.  We do all that for you!

Schedule a time to talk to us about how we can make your job of compliance easier!