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Hitchiner uses C3 Data to successfully navigate Nadcap audit

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Hitchiner Manufacturing, a user of C3 Data now for many years, has once again passed it's Nadcap audit.

After the audit was completed, we chatted with Tony Tenaglier, the Senior Process Engineer that implemented the C3 Data platform.   Tony and his team uses the C3 Data platform to schedule and create the documentation for his Alternate SATs, comparison SATs, instrument Calibrations, and Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS).  "C3 Data was the backbone for the regulation of pyrometry requirements at Hitchiner Heat Treat. It is user friendly and relatively simple to get around under the pressure of an audit. Every Nadcap audit I feel good going in if we have kept up with inputting the right information into C3 Data", Tony said of his audit.

We are always encouraged when we hear this type of feedback from our loyal subscriber base.  Often we get some tips on how to make it even better and we are hard at work adding these ideas so that everyone benefits!

If you or anyone you know anyone could benefit from a system that guarantees a smooth audit and saves time all year long, reach out to us!!