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AMS2750F (K) Do you fulfull this requirement correctly?

control tc postWhen recording results of a Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS), it's important to know what information is required. In fact, the list is so long the AMS2750 spec needed to employ the entire alphabet (A-Z) in order to spell out what results need to be recorded.  Most are fairly easy to understand.  One in particular is misinterpreted more than any others.  Namely (k), which states: 

"Time and temperature data from all recorded sensors required for the instrument type for all qualified work zones surveyed."

Depending on the Instrument Type your furnace is defined as (see Table 12), your requirements of how many and where to locate these sensors will vary.

Now how does one present this "time and temperature data" to an auditor?

"It is often interpreted that the field test instrument needs to collect temperature readings from these sensors directly during the survey in order to add them to the results of the TUS", says Doug Shuler, Owner of Pyro Consulting, LLC. "In reality, what the spec requires is the readings of those sensors be recorded by the furnace recording instrument, not the field test instrument."

This can easily be done by taking a screen shot of the "tabular"data recording screen.  A software program - like C3 Data - allows you to upload this image as part of the comprehensive TUS report  that is automatically curated for each TUS.

Was this your interpretation or did you learn something new?